Treatment of epileptogenic cavernomas: surgery versus radiosurgery.


BACKGROUND Epilepsy is the most common symptom of cavernoma. Although microsurgery is the mainstay treatment for epileptogenic cavernoma, this procedure may cause severe complications for some lesions. This report aimed to study if linear accelerator (LINAC) radiosurgery was an alternative treatment modality for epileptogenic cavernoma. METHODS In this retrospective study, 29 patients were diagnosed with epileptogenic cavernomas from September 1995 to March 2005. Fifteen patients were treated with surgical excision and 14 with LINAC radiosurgery. The evaluation of epilepsy control was according to Engel's classification. RESULTS In the surgical group, 13 (86.7%) of 15 patients had a class I seizure-free outcome. In the radiosurgery group, class I control was achieved in 9 (64.3%) of 14 patients. However, there was no significant difference in the results of treatment between the two groups. CONCLUSIONS LINAC radiosurgery is an alternative treatment for epileptogenic cavernomas, especially when the lesions are located in the central regions or eloquent areas of the brain.


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