High Surface Area, sp(2)-Cross-Linked Three-Dimensional Graphene Monoliths.


Developing three-dimensional (3D) graphene assemblies with properties similar to those individual graphene sheets is a promising strategy for graphene-based electrodes. Typically, the synthesis of 3D graphene assemblies relies on van der Waals forces for holding the graphene sheets together, resulting in bulk properties that do not reflect those reported for individual graphene sheets. Here, we report the use of sol-gel chemistry to introduce chemical bonding between the graphene sheets and control the bulk properties of graphene-based aerogels. Adjusting synthetic parameters allows a wide range of control over surface area, pore volume, and pore size, as well as the nature of the chemical cross-links (sp(2) vs sp(3)). The bulk properties of the graphene-based aerogels represent a significant step toward realizing the properties of individual graphene sheets in a 3D assembly with surface areas approaching the theoretical value of an individual sheet.


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